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3 Responses to “”

  • Pavel Braun:

    Great question: First set up your app on one device. Go to the advanced tab and export your data by email (to your own email) and send it. The data looks kind of scary but don’t worry this app knows what to do with it. On your other device – go to the email and select all (don’t select the line at the bottom with the signiture). Open this app on this new device and paste this data into the field under “import data”, click on the import data button and say OK to the warnings) – your new device will now have the same data as your old device.

    WARNING – make sure your imported data is what you want exactly – your new device’s data will be completely and irreversibly replaced with the imported data.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.


    btw – if you enjoy the app – would you mind rating it in the AppStore?

  • Robert:

    How do you use the import feature on iattendance?

  • Sue:

    This app is going to sooooooo improve my Christmas organization.
    Love it,